Monday, February 21, 2011

BulletTrain Express Inspires Customer To Invest another $4000 in Mac Setup

A Customer's Comments On The BulletTrain Express
BulletTrain Express Inspires Customer To Invest another $4000 in Mac Setup

One of our customers's purchased a BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform and a few days after it was delivered, he wrote in and said they liked it so much he was buying a second one. I was naturally curious, so I called the customer on the phone and he said:

You will never believe where I am!?! I am at Costco right now, purchasing two new 55 LCD TVs!!! Before I had a 37inch LCD TV in my living room with a Mac Mini hooked up to it and all I could do was watch Hulu and Netflix, because the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad were so difficult to use. Then when I put them in the BulletTrain Express they got magically transformed and all of a sudden, I could do EVERYTHING I could do with my Macbook and Desktop Macs, except I could do it very comfortably from the couch.

So I am at Costco buying a 55 inch LCD TV to replace the 37 inch in my living room, and I am so impressed with the BulletTrain Express, I ordered a second one that I am buying another 55 inch LCD TV to use in my bedroom from bed.

The point that is so profound in my mind with our customer, is that our simple BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform is an accessory, that got him to purchase 2 55inch LCD TVs and another Mac Mini, and another Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. That is pretty profound when you think about it.

Then our same customer wrote this about the BulletTrain Express:

I actually have a (BulletTrain Express) keyboard/trackpad platform thingy and it is so effin sick for my mac mini set up from the living room couch. i ended up ordering a second one for my bedroom mini LCD set up too. Get one, use it, and try to live without it after a few hours of using it. So helpful, convenient. The keyboard trackpad is always exactly where they should be...never falling off the couch/bed. When my neck or back gets sore from sitting to much...voila...lay down on the couch and voila...ergo couch-o lcd-o...

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